The number 1 dating advice to attract hot girls.

When you start to put in practice this dating advice you will see a thing. The hottest girls have secret tests to reject or not men who approach them. When a man fails these tests he will never pick up a hot girl. This man will be one of hundreds rejected losers.

However, with this dating advice you will learn a technique to pass all women tests. tao of badass
Women are tired of non-confident men approaching them. So, you have to learn this skill to become the confident man to have sex with her. Realizing this will open the gates to take to bed beautiful women.

The dating advice to become strongly confident with hot girls

Women test men in two ways: complying or testing your congruence. Now, I will explain you the compliance test. But first, let me tell you why women test men this way.

When a woman complies, she’s testing if you will do everything she asks you to do. If you fall into this, she will have control over you. It means, she will have the power. This way, she realizes if a man is confident and attractive. Practically, women don’t care about if a man is only good looking. They need so much more than that.

She needs a strategy to filter all men approaching her all the day. Hot girls are approached at least 10 times a day. So, you can figure out why she needs to do this and she will become better at doing this all the time.

A compliance test is something that she does to see if you desperately will try to satisfy her.

This way she can see if you don’t have so many options. Because, an attractive man has a lot of potential women to be with and will never will act as needy with one.

This is crucial. You need to have other hot girls as options. This way you will never bend for whatever she says. Instead, you will response her way she, actually, wants.

Examples of women tests.

How will you recognize them? Easy, just be careful when she demands something for you. The classic one is “buy me a drink”. With this test she will filter men very fast when she’s at the bar or at the club.

Other tests are: “wait for me here meanwhile I’m in the bathroom”, “give me a kiss” or “take me a picture”. She wants to see you if you obey her. Everything she does to gain control over you is a test. So, learn to figure out them.

For example, when she asks you to take a picture, instead of you taking the picture, you have to find someone else to take the picture of both of you. You embrace her or even you give her a kiss for the picture. This way you take control of the interaction frame. It means, you earn something and you don’t obey her.

When you flip her script you create a lot of attraction inside her for you. Because, only a true confident man will do it. So, from now, don’t reject tests, instead, turn them at your favor.
When you apply this dating advice, you will notice how the hottest girls are attracted for you. It works, perfectly, anywhere, at bars, clubs, no matter where you are.

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Have fun!!

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