Three steps to make women drop wet.

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Girls drop wet when they see a man with a cocky attitude. That’s the key to attract a woman sexually. They don’t judge if you are right or not. They just want to know if you’re congruent with that attitude. That’s why they have to test you to see if you change it. So, as an authentic man you will set your frame at 100%. You don’t give a damn if she likes it or not.

However, most of times she will more excite about rip your clothes off and making you bang her. See, girls just want to know if you, actually, believe in yourself. Discover the alpha male trait that drives women crazy here Seduce Girls Like A Real Alpha Male

The Steps To Attract A Woman Sexually

Here’s an example about taking a girl into a sexual state. This will make her open to you. When you are alone with her, after of teasing her and flirting, just tell her:

“It feels really good to be with you. I see you are someone who likes making things happen, you just relax and let it go. But, I think there’s a part of you that always wondered if there’s something more… something greater that will make you feel, really, free. Something you always wanted to experience, but, nobody ever took you there. As a man, it’s my responsibility to tell you that pleasure thing you want experience; maybe, it’s closer to you than you think.”

To attract a woman sexually say this very close to her with a sexual tone. There’s no need of so much explanation about that. You will see how she makes her own interpretation about that and she will drop wet for you.

Describe the moment you are both in. Then, describe the future state with the tone related to the state you want to take her. This is what NLP experts call pacing. She will get into that state and will realize that you understand her world.

The secret women will never tell you.

Most women never experienced a real orgasm, however, you can’t tell her that so straightforward. Just imply it with your words. Tell her that you will take care of her body the way a woman wants

When you do this you are frame yourself as her leader. The one who will take anywhere she dreamt, sexually and emotionally. And she will feel how wonderful is to be with you. That’s how a man attract a woman sexually

So now, time to lead. Remember, the man is the one who leads. When you let the woman leading, you lose all attraction. She has to know that you know exactly what you want and where you want to go.

Women are more passive than you think when it comes to letting them be leading by real men. So, in order to boost the attraction, you have to decide for her. Just tell her:

Let’s go to my place I have something to share with you… If you are lucky…

Understand this; you have to say this almost like an order. With the confident tone of an authentic alpha male. Just grab her hand and take her. Most of the times she will accept it. If she doesn’t, just be more daring, make out with her so much passionately and bring down your hand to her private parts. Maybe, she just needs more “motivation”.

So, I hope you got the three steps. In case you don’t notice them, they are:

  1. Cold read her: when you told her that she is a woman that loves to make things happen and how much you enjoy her.
  2. Imply sexual fantasies: when you told her that she always wanted to experience something more, in a sexual tone.
  3. Lead her to your place: when you told her that you have something to share with her and, literally, take her.

Remember this is how to attract a woman sexually, don’t think so much, just act. Following your alpha male instinct always works

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