The Alpha Male Trait Women Crave.

I would like to reveal for you what is the main trait of an alpha male, that thing that makes a woman to love a man. Even better, it drives them obsessed for you. Then, when you develop this, you will use it and trigger a hard sexual attraction.

So, are you ready?

But, wait a minute. First, I would like you to think what it could be. Let’s make your mind working for a while. Think about it.

You got it?

Time’s over.

The alpha male trait that drives women drop wet is PASSION.

How an authentic alpha males pick up girls?

When a woman spends just some minutes with an authentic alpha male with a strong passion, she will start to be curious about him first, and then, she will be obsessed about him.  A man who, actually, knows what he wants in life and who’s not scared to take it, makes women craves for him.

The secret is how to communicate your passions.  When a woman sees a man doing what he is passionate about, she can’t avoid getting sexually attracted by him. This trait is what defines an authentic high status man.

So, how you’ll develop this trait?

I will tell you in a second. But first, I would like you to imagine a girl you are attracted to.

You have her?

Now, how many men do you think she talks with in a day?

Maybe, 10 or 15 men.  Even more, right?

Women are approached for a lot of men everyday. They need to separate the authentic males and the losers. Here you will discover how to pass women tests. Dating Advice To Seduce Hot Girls

An alpha male doesn’t have problems with those tests, because, he’s confident enough about him.

But, how many of those guys have, truly, passions? How many of those men have an authentic vision of what they want in life? And most important, how many of those men have the balls to take it?

Usually, the answer is zero.  Ok, let’s say at least one of those men.

When a woman meets you, she has to see that you, actually, know what you want, that you are confident enough to get all you want. Even better, that you are an expert on what you are passionate about, that you are sharp as a tack to get it and that you are enthusiastic to get it.

The vision of your life needs to be clear in your present and for your future. When a woman meets a man, she, automatically, imagine a whole life with him. How do you think she will imagine a life with you if you don’t have a clear vision of your own life?

An alpha male’s life is amazing.

She thinks: this man has an amazing life; I’d love to be part of it. I have to get him before any other bitch…

An authentic alpha male is, over all, ambitious and have higher goals every time. His passions come out from inside and put him in a great emotional state, where he’s able to get all he wants.

This ambitious will give you a carefree attitude too. You don’t care about what other people think. You don’t care if a girl likes or not your world. She is invited to come but you don’t need her.

Once, a girlfriend told me that what, actually, excites her about me is watching me to do what I love to do. This is martial arts. See, what drives a woman drop wet is not about something you do for her. It’s about your own authentic passions. Your passions don’t have to be something so much physical, like martial arts. Maybe, you are an artist who loves to draw, you are a musician who loves to play guitar or you are an architect who loves to design.

This is the best you can do; invest in your own personal development. Develop passions that will define you in life and then, women will become crazy for you.

Have authentic, visceral, raw passions and have the balls to get them. Alpha males are all about passions.

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