Develop An Unapologetic Alpha Male Attitude

Men usually are scared to talk about sex when they meet a woman. However, an alpha male realize its power. My students always ask me for techniques to be sexual with girls. Then, I told them: If you want a girl to be sexual with you, then, you have to be sexual first.

Talking about sex with a girl you just met in the night is great. It will differentiate from any other man. Also, the girl will notice you are self-confident and you don’t have any taboo about what other people would think about you.

Think about something that makes you feel your manhood.

Start by telling her something you enjoy about sex. Use a sensitive and strong tone of voice. Show her that you are confident when you are talking about this. Say something like:

Today, men don’t know what sex is all about. There’s no manhood anymore. That’s why men and women are so frustrated these days. When I take a woman I feel two things at the same time. One part of me feels like a lion devouring its prey. Or like a cave man just letting loose his own visceral instincts. When that part of me is taking over, I just want to rip off my girl clothes and taking her. The other part of me wants a deep connection, it wants to look into my girl eyes and see her real self. We are both naked and we have nothing to hide. It wants to hold her hands and kiss them. I love to feel her over me and seeing her enjoying being a woman being, slowly, taken by a man. I love to see my girl sitting over me like a queen and that feeling when, together, we get to the ultimate pleasure. It is amazing feeling that freedom of expressing yourself without any kind of inhibitions.

The Unapologetic Alpha Male Attitude

When you say this to a girl you just met. You require using an unapologetic and slow tone of voice and an unbreakable eye contact. Just, think about the things you enjoy when you are in an intimate moment with a girl and express them. First, show your inner dominant cave man and then, your sensitive side. Try to equilibrate both sides. Don’t be so jerk and don’t be so sensitive neither. To increase the power of your story telling, grab her hands meanwhile you are talking like you don’t even realize that you did that. Don’t break the eye contact when you do this.

Next, whisper to her ears: I, better, don’t tell you how I’m imagining you now…

Give her a good sexual tension when you do this and put just a little cocky smile. If she wants to know, make her earn it. Don’t make her work so much; you can break the sexual tension if you put her into a logical state. Just make her kiss you or say to her that you want to kiss her in her neck. A sensual language is the key here. If she isn’t ready, just increase the physical contact and your flirting. When you think she’s ready, take her to a private place, put her against the wall, and briefly tell her what you want to do to her.

Most of times, she will be so excited that she won’t be able to stop herself. The key is being unapologetic talking about sex when you both are alone. This way, she will see you as an alpha male who understands what a woman, actually, wants in bed. Checkout this post too How To Attract A Woman Sexually

Be and authentic alpha male. Be a sensitive cave man and take her to the bed!

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