The Basis Of Primal Sexual Attraction.

I would like to clarify what is attraction. How to attract a woman instantly. What’s that makes women waking up their primitive instincts. What makes women turning on.

There’s a lot of confusion about attraction. There’s a lot of misunderstanding. Like thinking that you have to have money or being good looking. Those are things society makes men thinking.

So, what’s the ultimate definition of attraction then? It’s all about just one word: VALUE. Everything that increases the chances of survival and reproduction. Those are the two main drives of human beings. That’s how you can attract a woman instantly.

When you find something that makes you surviving or reproducing you feel attracted to that thing. That’s why when you see a hot girl you feel attracted. Because, your genes will be able to transcend. You’ll be able to reproduce with her. That’s her value and that causes attraction into you.

Attraction is related to value. All things that causes high levels of emotions. That’s why survival and reproduction are linked to attraction.

How Alpha Males Attract A Woman Instantly

Let’s talk about cave men a little bit. Attraction is something programmed into mankind brain since the beginning of times. How do cave men attract a woman instantly? What things made a cave man attractive? How did a cave woman know if a cave man was an alpha? Due his behaviors, not his look. When a cave man was dominant, free, resourceful, and a leader, increased the cave woman chances to survive.

The cave man’s behavior told to a cave woman if she should be attracted or not. And today, it’s the same, what communicates the man value is his behavior. Not the way a man looks, the value is on the way a man acts.

This is also why women take their time to decide if she will have sex with that man or not. Men are faster, because we are visual. But, women need other things to increase their chances of survival and reproduction. And of course, she’s not conscientious when she if a man is sex worthy or not. You have to realize that she has the risk of nine months of pregnancy, that’s why she needs to take her time to decide.

Good looking and money don’t matter.

However, an authentic alpha male never relies on good looking and money anyway to attract a woman instantly. He understands that the key to seduce women is in his behavior. Just think about it, what it would communicate to a cave woman a “pretty” cave man? Probably, that he is not male enough. Because a hunter is dirty, savage, a killer and wouldn’t have time to be caring about his “beauty”. Maybe, he does nothing. How she would increase her chances of survival, and then, of reproduction with this kind of pretty cave man?

Now think about those pleasing men. Hot girls know them because they always are buying things for them, for example, drinks at the bar. Maybe, these men don’t have so much female options. That’s why they do this. When she sees that he acts in a needy way, she realizes that there are no chances to survive with this kind of weak men.

In fact, these kind of needy men treat women like whores, because they are trying to buy female affection with money. Maybe, hot girls would use them for a little while, but then, they will be tired of these men.

Survival is also related to the social position. When a woman realizes that she can be in a high position, she will be attracted for this kind of value.

It’s not something you do, It’s something you are.

However, when I say focus on your behavior to attract a woman instantly, and being an attractive and sexworthy man, is not about something you do, it’s something you are. This is the difference of being authentically a man of value, and on the other side, just looking for women validation. When you try to impress women with something you do, you are trying to earn women validation. So, let’s go back to the cave man. Do you think a savage and primitive alpha male would care about female validation? He just takes the woman he likes without asking anything.

When you sub communicate your value you create emotional responses, not logical responses. Men think most logically, that’s why they think that if they do something for the girl, she will be attracted. Understand that your acts communicate things to her unconscious mind. You can’t, logically, convince a woman to be sexual attracted.

Women and men are not the same.

Women are more emotional. Emotions can’t be verbalized. That’s why when a woman says what she would like about a man; it will not be the whole truth. Women would say that they like a nice, comprehensive, sensitive man, the prince charming. However, they are most likely describing how they, as women, would like themselves to be. Not how they actually want a man to be.

Women will always choose the jerk man, instead the nice guy because she feels high emotions with the bad boy since her chances of survival increase. Women live in the emotion of the moment. That’s why they will say: “I don’t know why I had sex with him if he’s an asshole”

So, how do you take advantage of women living in the emotion of the moment? Take her to the bed the fastest as possible. That’s why women are so cute… And when a man understands this, it becomes a powerful weapon to seduce women.

Avoid the common advice of taking the girl to a lot amount of dates, spending a lot of money, being a “gentleman”, and then finally, if you are lucky, taking to the bed. Remember that an alpha cave man just takes what he desires.

Break Rapport: The tone of voice to attract a woman instantly.

Focus on her mood. A woman always follows their emotions. A great way of creating emotions instantly is using a breaking rapport tone of voice. This is a commanding tone of voice. When your voice goes down at the end. When a woman hears this kind of voice, she, automatically, ask herself: who’s this man? And her emotions will start to spark. Remember that I told you she can recognize needy guys just for their behavior. This is because they use a supplicant tone of voice. When you break rapport with your voice you are commanding her. It means you are being a leader, which is the ultimate alpha male trait she looks for to increase her chances of survival.

Breaking rapport is, also, a way of challenging women. It means, the woman has to earn the man approval, not the opposite. You have to command her, so she can feel that masculine energy. Use these three steps to attract a woman sexually How To Attract A Woman Sexually

Remember, attracting a woman instantly is all about value, that thing that increases the chances of survival and reproduction, and the thing that creates high levels of emotions.


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