The playboy technique to kiss a girl at the bar

I’m sure when you were at bars or clubs, you’ve seen some men just approaching to some random girl and making out with her in seconds. You may be surprised, but you don’t need magic powers to do the same.

How to kiss a girl at the bar immediately.

So, I will give you the steps you need to take.

First of all, you have to be able to recognize if a girl is ready to be kissed at the bar. That’s the player skill you need to develop. Learning how to read girls is fundamental for your success.

Second, you have to forget that belief that women don’t want to be kissed. You just have to create the right opportunity. Women can be even more sexual than men, if you know how to awake her sexual state.  Here are the things you have to spot to kiss a girl at the bar instantly.

First, when a girl is looking down, she is looking for her emotions. This is a PNL principle called “Eye accesing cue”. Looking down means the emotional brain is working. If the girl looks at you, and then, she looks down again, means she’s having an emotional response for you. This indicates submission.

There you have the chance to approach her in a dominant and masculine fashion.

Other behavior to look is if she is looking around trying to make eye contact. By doing this, she is telling you to approach and even more…

Other indicator is the way of how she’s dressed and moving. Imagine a woman just completely leaning to the wall. This indicates submission. Otherwise, when she’s in a dominant position, she will give you more resistant.

So, you have to look for a girl who’s not taking a lot of space. She’s with legs so much close and looking around for someone else.

How she’s dressed is crucial to spot if a girl is ready to be kissed at bars. You have to realize that if she just the attention of men, she will dress in a provocative way. Maybe this girl won’t be the right one to approach.

The right one is who is showing submissive traits. This indicates she wants a man to dominate her. Maybe she is in red but not so much provocative. However, you have to develop the skill of reading girls the way she moves and dresses.

So next. Right after you find the girl, you have to realize that you are in control. It’s you the one who puts the frame. It’s your reality. You are in charge of the experience of taking her to an  emotional state where she’s comfortable making out.

To do this, I will give your magic opening line…

So, you make eye contact, approach, put your finger up to your lips and, slowly and with a low tone, just say: Shhhh… stop for a second. Then, leaning in, look at her lips and next, to at her eyes. This means triangulate your looking.

Say “you and I will have a little secret”. Take, slowly, her back. Bring her to you a little bit, and then, controlling the frame, you kiss her.

See, the word “stop” works as a subconscious trigger to make her stopping all thinking process and to put her in a submissive state.

In a loud environment, you need to talk her right to her ears. This is even better, cause you have the excuse to approach her closer. When you are closer make her feel your breath on her neck. This will make her have a powerful, visceral and sexual response.

No matter the reaction you get from her. It may be hard the first times, but practice and have fun.

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