Shock And Awe: The Forgotten Underground Technique To Spark Sexual Tension On Attractive Girls

I’ll share with you a great technique to boost sexual tension when meeting girls. It’s an underground “old school” technique called Shock and Awe. However, it never got to be so mainstream since men prefer those weird routines and “under radar” techniques. And, due they didn’t have the balls to use it.

Most men don’t know how to create sexual tension at all. They think that just with stupid jokes they will take girls to bed. The cocky and funny attitude is not enough if it doesn’t create any sexual tension.

As I told you, it’s called Shock and Awe. When meeting girls you can use it to go to the next level or even, as an opener. And it’s all about those two things. Shocked about how much the girl makes you horny. Awed for what the girl is making you doing.

Meeting Girls With The Shock And Awe Technique.

If someone asks me for explaining this technique in just four words, I just would tell him: blame her as hell!

When meeting girls It’s all the girl’s fault!

The thing is framing and controlling the girl. And she will love when you do this. However, it’s important to say that this is not about flattering the girl due her beauty or telling her romantic things.

There are four steps:

First, blame your sexual attraction on her. This is about making her knowing how much horny you are for her. However, you can’t say: “I’m so horny for you”. Please, be more creative. But at least, you already have the idea.

Next, escalate physically. Yes, you have to touch the girl! Just in case you didn’t know.

Then, take it out. Have you ever heard about “giving in and taking out”? It’s the simplest way of creating sexual tension. You gave in first telling her how much you are attracted by her. But, you can’t maintain that all the time. Now, you have to take it out. Take your hands out of her, push her away (just a little bit and not so roughly, please). And tell her: No, we can’t do this…

And finally, bring her back at you, escalate physically, tell her that you can’t resist her (or be more creative with that) and go for the kiss.

Let’s see other examples.

You are with the girl you just met, joking, flirting and touching each other. Now, how will you take it to the next level? You say: we were here for just 10 minutes and you are making me think about kissing you, why are you doing this to me? This is not fair… I think we should break our 20 years old relationship… It doesn’t matter; cute girls are always bad in bed.

Now she is excited and laughing, probably she will hit you in the arm, just playing… of course. However, you have already created sexual tension.

When you are meeting girls, the key is realizing what you feel inside of you. Realize how the girl makes you feel, on the ways she attracts you and then, blame her for that.

You can say:

That smile delights me. I can’t believe how much you charm me. Please, stop doing it. Why you’re so bad with me?

Again, you are trying to hypnotize me with those eyes. What are you trying to make me do now? You are terrible; I hate you… why are you so charming? This is not fair for me.

So, this is your special power? Seducing guys with that voice… I think you seduced them and then, you just leave them crying of love and broken hearted. You’re bad.

How did you know I have a weakness for little blondies, from Miami, whose name is Sophia? Now, I won’t be able to live without you anymore. I won’t talk you anymore.

You do this on purpose, right? Stop with your little tricks little girl… Turn that way (and you turn her), then, turn her back and make out.

When meeting girls, mixing the shock and awe with a little drama boosts the power of this technique. Playing, think a reason why you both can’t be together. Create an “us versus the world” stage. Think as barriers.

For example: look for the nerdiest look like guy of the venue, someone you both don’t know, and say: no we can’t be together, he’s my friend of all life, my brother, he has a crush on you, he has a poster of you in front of his bed and in the nights he… ok, I can’t tell you what he does… but we can’t do this.

Shock and Awe as an opener? Why not?

At last, I want to say that when you are meeting girls, you can use it as an opener. Of course, without so much sexual charge. But, the thing is blaming her of making you want to approach her. This kind of approaching is the most authentic and the ultimate high value demonstration if you run it the right way. It means, you want to meet her due your own visceral instinct, that is making you approach her. You know what you want, and you want her. That’s the ultimate alpha male attitude. Here you will discover how to seduce women like a real alpha male Seduce Girls Like A Real Alpha Male

Just approach her and say to her: I can’t believe you are making me do this, but, you charmed me with that smile. I had to come here to talk you for just a minute.

It’s important to clarify that you are joking when you say all of this. Frame it as sexual jokes. This way the sexual attraction will rise.  Shock and awe sparks emotions on girls the way any other technique does, because, biologically, girls are programmed to make you feel that way. Girls are designed to make you horny; you just make them to remember it.

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