The No Invitation Approach To Start Conversations.

Before talking about how to start conversation with girls. I want to clarify the difference between the no invitation approach and the approach with invitation.

When I say meeting with invitation, I mean that it’s common that men just wait for the easy meeting, picking up girls from their work circle or something like that. Maybe some co-worker and they already have the excuse to go to talk to her. Men just look for any excuse to talk to the girl.

When I say no invitation approach to start conversation with girls, I’m talking about going to talk to a girl that you have never talked to before, without any shield for your ego or any silly frame you’re putting in that motivates you to approach. It means without any dumb excuse. It’s about going to talk with a girl that you don’t know anything about and making it happen no matter where you are. Maybe, at the gym, at the store or at the club.

Due low self-esteem, some men need everything’s perfectly set up to start conversation with girls. They look for women signals, because they need to protect their ego. They want to have the perfect line to open the girl.

Some men are obsessed with the opening line. The problem is that after the opener they don’t have anything more to say. It’s funny when men use girly topics to start conversations; women just see them as other female friends this way. And then, it gets creepier when men use those dumb question openers like: hey I just bought this cute little puppy; can you recommend me a cute little name for it?

Maybe, the dog ate his balls… well it doesn’t matter.

Let me tell you, straightly, that the words you say as opener don’t matter to start conversation with girls. They don’t care about what was the first thing you say to have sex with you. In fact, the more time you wait to open, the more excuses your mind will create. When you see any hot girl, you just have to approach her without thinking, without looking for the perfect opening line.

The best opener.

However, let me tell you the best opener you can use. This is: hey I’m (insert your name here). Just introduce yourself. When you actions run faster than your thoughts, you will get into the zone. This way you won’t need those creepy question or situation openers that will make you look like a pussy.

The way you open will dictate the frame of the whole interaction. If you open with a gay question like the puppy name. The girl will label the interaction as: “talking with my new gay friend”. That’s why it’s crucial you open like an authentic alpha male, this way she will label the interaction as: “I want this real male bang me so bad”.

Men think that they need to go “under her radar”, that’s why they hide their intentions. They start talking about girly topics, and then suddenly, they communicate: I have realized now that I have a penis… women hate this kind of incongruence. They feel cheated and fooled. When a woman realizes that a guy doesn’t have any self-confidence, that he needs to use those cheap tricks to talk to her, she will reject him immediately.

So, what’s the frame you require to set up right from the start? A “man to woman” frame. Not a “friend to friend” frame. A man to woman frame means: we will have sex later. A friend to friend frame means: let’s talk about girly topics and let’s be best friends forever.

An authentic alpha male doesn’t frame the interactions as “I’m just talking to you to be my friend”, or “I just want to know your opinion about this” or “I’m just here to please you, buying all the drinks you want”. The authentic frame is: “I’m talking to you because I want to have sex with you”. Let me clarify that you don’t have to verbalize this when you start conversation with girls, but your actions have to indicate that you are a sexworthy man. You have to be unapologetic about your intentions, you don’t need anyone approval, you just let your instincts take care.

Three elements to start conversations with girls.

When you want to sub-communicate this, you require using an unbreakable eye contact. Look straight to her eyes. A woman can tell everything about a man just looking into his eyes. If you are nervous, she will see that in your eyes. If you are confident enough about yourself, she will see that. When you think about the way you want to have sex with her and that you are not ashamed for that, she will see that too. So, develop a laser eye contact.

Also, develop a breaking rapport tone of voice when you start conversation with girls. This is when your voice goes down at the end, implying a higher position, and not an imploring attitude. When you are trying too hard, your voice will rise up and will put you in a lower position. Like trying to earn the validation from other people.

The next thing is being physical right from the start. Men are afraid of touching women, because they think that women will be offended by this. So, grab women kindly when you start talking to them.

The importance of the man to woman frame.

These three elements are necessary to put that “man to woman” frame. That’s why you require setting them right from the start, because the longer you wait, the awkward will be.

I see so many guys falling into the friend zone just because they are afraid of doing one of those three things. It’s a shame that they are afraid of being authentic men.

Women need to experience the man to woman frame to start feeling sexual attraction and you are in charge to set it up. Remenber this: A woman knows, perfectly, why a man approaches her, she is not fool. So, the question is: do you know why you are approaching her?

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