This Mainstream Word Kills Sexual Attraction

This is what you have to be aware when you talk to women. The words you choose to use tell a lot about your personality. Maybe, words represent a small part of the communication process. However, a woman can predict if this man is a real alpha male just by hearing the words he uses.

In this brief article, I will talk you about a word that kills sexual attraction. Never say it when you talk to women. So, for you don’t ever say it again, I will give you a word you can use instead.

The deadly sin when it comes to talk to women.

When I was younger, I was dating a really stunning girl. We were together for months. However, that time I wasn’t so much like an expert when it comes to talk to women. Of course, I wanted her; I thought she was only mine. Until one day, she just called me and told me that we need to take a break.

I was devastated by that. I remember how much I begged her. That, I needed her in my life. She only looked at me and told men that it was time for her to go.

Then, when I was more experienced with women, I could realize why I killed all the sexual attraction. Now I wish I never said this popular word. You know how mainstream media uses this word. All romantic movies use it. It creates a social conditioning that kills manhood.

So, what’s that deadly word?

The word you never have to say to women is “need”.  Acting needy is the worst behavior when you are dating a hot woman. At least, if she is, actually, “hot”, she will have another options and will leave immediately.

This word repels women because for a woman to be attracted by a man, he has to demonstrate a high value. A woman has to admire the man.

Just think about it, if you, actually, need a woman, then, you are not clearly defined as an authentic alpha male. You are relying your power on a woman. When, it has to be the opposite.

Even, avoid this word for daily homework. When you say “I need more coffee”, she, unconsciously, thinks “what word did he say?”

The word you should use to talk to women.

So, what word you should use instead of this disgusting word?

The word is “require”. An alpha male doesn’t need anything; however, you can require something to her to do for you.

Requiring comes from a higher level. Needing implies that you are down below. It, also, tells weakness.

When you are requiring something, you are like an emperor ordering something. And by the way, she will be so much happier obeying and pleasing to her almighty emperor.

This way you will communicate your dominion. So, up to now, you won’t need anything. You require things. You are the emperor who dictates orders.

Adopt the emperor behavior. Of being the one who gives orders. You will see how you boost the sexual attraction into women. When you talk to women, mix your orders with these topics all women love to talk.

Even, they will respect you so much more, because no matter what mainstream media says, the man is the one who gives orders and doesn’t need anything.

So, be a happy ordering emperor!

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