Avoid Running Out Of Words With This Trick.

What To Say To A Girl You Just Met

What to say to a girl you just met to attract her. It’s a big problem for men. That moment of silence is very awkward. You see a beautiful girl, you approach her and then, you run out of words. Believe or not, is something common. So, what to do in that moment?


I’ll give you solution for those awkward silent moments. With this you won’t lose the any attraction. In fact, this will help you to, slowly, increase the sexual tension between you and her.

What to say to a girl you just met

It’s is about a little “old school” game called FMK. It’s something fun and, also, it will help you to raise your social value. You will look like you are not needy at all and that you understand the social dynamics, as an authentic alpha male.

So, when you ask yourself what to say to a girl you just met or to raise the attraction when you are already in a conversation, just run the FMK game. This is how it works.

You say: hey let’s play a game quick!

Now, she’s curious about you. This will differentiate you from the lame pick up lines she’s used to hear. If you go with a fun energy, she will love to play it.

Next, say: I’d like you to choose three guys from this room, and say who you will fuck, marry or kill. Let’s play it!

She will laugh and then, will choose. The fun begins when you recommend to her the nerdiest guys to marry her or fuck. Also, you will discover what she looks for in a man. if she chooses to fuck the rocker guy, marry the nerdy and kill the man in a suit. This means she is kinda wild and doesn’t like the social and political standards.

Just continue banter and teasing her choosing the guys for her. Keep the conversation and increase the physical contact. This way you will raise the sexual tension and she will be so much attracted by you.

Make it fun!

Have fun with it. Imagine for her a life like she is the wife of the nerd. Create funny projections.

So next, you will have her, really, turn on. It’s important to say that you are the one who is bringing the word “fuck“ into the conversation. This way this word will be related about you.

Showing that, you don’t have tabues about sexuality when it comes to what to say to a girl that you just met, will frame you as an authentic and confident man. Most men are afraid of talking about these topics. But, when she realizes that you are not, she will see you different.

This little game sets you the transition for the next stage. Now, she sees you as smart, playful and confident. It becomes a powerful sexual trigger and you will never run out of words when it comes to what to say to a girl you just met.

So, now it’s time for you to learn about other sexual triggers here!

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